Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Did your dog bite a toad?

Bufo Toad is a Poisonous Toad For Our Dogs

Bufo toads were introduced in Florida to control insects. They reproduce very fast and have become a problem for dogs in Florida.

The Bufo or Cane toad produces a pasty yellow-white toxin in the parotid glands which extend from the head backward over the shoulder and is released through pinhole openings in the skin.

When a dog bite or eat a Bufo toad the toxin is released and rapidly absorbed across the mucus membranes of the mouth.


Symptoms occurs very fast, they include foams at the mouth, drooling, vocalizing and pawning at the mouth, brick-red gums, vomiting, incoordination or a stiff gait, stumbling, falling, tremors, rigid legs, and difficulty breathing. It can rapidly progress to seizures and death!

What to do if your dog is poisoned by a Bufo Toad

The first thing to do is to rinse your dog's mouth with a wet cloth. You can also rinse his mouth from side to side for 3 to 5 minutes at a time for a total of 3 times with a large amount of water (hose, shower sprayer, water bottles...) Do not make your dog swallow the water!!!
Some people say to give your dog milk and the yellow of eggs mixed together to coat their stomach (after the rinsing of the mouth).
Rinse his pawns as some poisoning appears sometimes after dog licks their pawns.

If your dog is seizing, having tremors or cannot stand seek veterinary attention immediately!

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